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HOSTING Servers Dedicated Servers OVH.
All OVH Dedicated Cloud solutions. VMware vSphere as a Service. Microsoft Azure Pack as a Service. What is the OVH Dedicated Cloud? Dedicated Cloud or Public Cloud? Upgrade to Dedicated Cloud. Network security Build and secure your OVH networks. Virtual Private Network vRack. Direct connection between your business OVH. Licenses OS and software that can be pre-installed on your servers. Public Cloud The extreme performance cloud.
Dedicated Servers powerful fysical servers for your application Nucleus.
Colocation or Server Housing. Dedicated Servers powerful fysical servers for your application. Renting your own Dedicated Server is the ideal solution for professional websites and online applications. When it comes to business critical applications like a web shop or hosting its even an indispensable condition. Nucleus has a modest and extremely efficient team of specialists. Our data centers belong to the Belgian top in matters of safety connections and components. As a result we can guarantee 9997% uptime for your fysical dedicated server. Nucleus works with a number of highly adaptable basic configurations. We start by using a Supermicro SuperServer Dell and HP on request.
Dedicated Servers OVH.
500 GB of storage space. 90 operating systems available for installation via the Control Panel. See the list of compatible operating systems. Root access to the server. Included with your server. Up to 256 IPs with no monthly fees excluding setup fees 3 00 /IP. 500 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth. 1 Gbps burst FS-12T/30T 3 Gbps FS-48T/72T/MAX. 500 GB of storage space. Hot swap available for FS-48T FS-72T FS-MAX servers. Optional RAID Hardware based on MegaRAID 9271 Cache 1GB CacheVault. See disk options FS-MAX only. 90 operating systems available for installation via the Control Panel. See the list of compatible operating systems.
Dedicated Server Hosting Management Rackspace.
Rackspace provides managed dedicated server hosting in a custom architecture. Learn more about our managed hosting solutions Fanatical Support.
Dedicated Servers Dedicated Web Hosting with Linux or Windows HostGator.
Complete Control Over Your Hosting Environment. A dedicated server is the ideal solution for larger businesses and high-traffic websites. Dedicated servers allow for maximum customization configuration installation and overall flexibility all backed by HostGator's unparalleled support. Tools You Can Trust. A HostGator dedicated server is not just a server it's everything you need to maximize and optimize the hosting experience for yourself and your visitors or clients. All the necessary tools are included from the hosting control panel down to the application installers and website building tools.
Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting DreamHost.
DreamObjects Redundant Scalable Object Storage. Find the perfect domain for your site or blog. Fully-Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. When you're done sharing and want your own server. A dedicated server gives you the ultimate in control power and security. With your own server there'll be no more noisy neighbors disrupting your website performance. You'll have access to all the server resources and horsepower you need for your website. Plus with our dedicated server experts managing and monitoring the performance of your server 24x7 you can focus on your business. See Specs and Pricing. We have lots of options to help you get the dedicated server you need.
Dedicated Servers iWeb. Dedicated Servers iWeb.
Our network has exactly what it takes. Exclusive service support and discounts. Find out about our reseller program. Chat with an expert. or call us at. For help choosing a dedicated server chat with one of our experts. Starting from US 95. Intel Core / Xeon. Up to 6 cores. Up to 64GB RAM. Up to 4TB storage SSD. 12TB to unmetered traffic. Starting from US 371. Up to 24 cores. Up to 256GB RAM. Up to 4TB storage. 30TB to unmetered traffic. Starting from US 401. Up to 8 cores.

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